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Tip: Common Water Treatment Fillers
Release time: 2015-4-7
First, porous spherical suspension filler
Porous spherical suspended filler is the latest series of domestic sewage treatment products. Its product features: Microorganisms hang the film fast, the biofilm is easy to fall off, the material is stable, acid, alkali and aging resistance, the service life is up to 15 years, and it does not need to be replaced for a long time. . It is often used in the treatment of industrial wastewater such as domestic wastewater, petrochemicals, light industry papermaking, food industry, wine making, sugar making, textile, printing, dyeing, tanning, and pharmaceutical.
Second, semi-flexible filler
It is made of high-molecular polymer, and has strong ability to redistribute water and gas. Does not deform for long-term use, easy to hang and remove film. The detached biofilm is finely broken, and the filler is not easy to plug. Resistant to corrosion and biodegradation.
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