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JY-260 Rotary Mixing Aerator
JY-260 rotary mixing aerator adopts multi-layer spiral cutting for oxygenated aeration. When the air enters JY-260 rotary mixing aerator, the air flow is first cut through the two spiral cutting system and enters the lower layer The multi-layer zigzag aeration head performs multi-layer cutting to cut the air bubbles into micro air bubbles, which greatly improves the utilization rate of oxygen, and has the characteristics of uniform aeration and high oxygenation efficiency.
Technical parameters Material: ABS nylon Service area: 0.45-0.55m2 / aeration efficiency: When the water depth is 4m -n = 16-20%
Dimensions: Φ260 X H210
Main components: multi-layer zigzag cloth air head, spiral cutting system and connecting pipe.
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