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Spherical crown-shaped expandable microporous aerator

BZQ.W-192 spherical crown-shaped stretchable microporous aerator is a new type of aeration device specially developed by our company based on the original membrane microporous aerator based on the biological characteristics of wastewater treatment. The overall structure of the aerator is scientific and reasonable, the process is advanced, the design is novel, the microporous aeration film and the supporting tray have a unique spherical crown structure. The aerator has excellent anti-blocking and water-reverse performance. Under intermittent operating conditions, sludge is less prone to settle on the surface of the aeration membrane than the flat membrane microporous aerator with a longer service life and higher oxygenation efficiency.
Main technical parameters Aerator size: D192 x 180mm
Oxygen utilization rate: 24-31%
Aerator resistance loss: less than or equal to 3200Pa
Applicable working air volume: 0.8-3m3 / hAeration capacity: 0.169-0.244kg02 / m3h
Service area: 0.35-0.6m2 / one oxygenationPower efficiency: 6.5-6.8kg02 / kw • h
main feature
Good anti-blocking and anti-irrigation properties. The aerator has a spherical crown shape. Even if the water quality of the aeration tank is complex, it still runs intermittently. Its surface is not easy to accumulate mud. The diaphragm punching technology is unique and advanced. In addition, a special sealing ring is set in the center of the top to prevent the backflow.
The diaphragm has strong tear resistance. The rubber diaphragm has a spherical crown shape. During operation, the eyes of the child L have uniform opening force, reduced fatigue deformation, good resilience, not easy to tear, and long service life. Even gas distribution, energy saving and high efficiency. The working surface of the spherical crown aerator is relatively larger than that of the flat type, with small bubbles, uniform air distribution, high oxygenation efficiency, and good treatment effect. Especially when working with low air volume, this feature can still be used, and the operation and management are convenient.
Resistant to aging and corrosion. The ball-crown aeration diaphragm is made of high-quality rubber. The supporting tray and the wedge-shaped insert plate are evenly made of engineering plastic. These materials have excellent physical and mechanical properties. Excellent aging resistance, and chemical resistance to acids, alkalis and chemicals.
Small resistance loss. Due to the unique anti-blocking and reverse flow performance of the aerator, the check valve attached to the flat-type micro-hole aerator is removed, thereby reducing the resistance of the aerator. Save energy.

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