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Microporous tube aerator
The microporous tube aerator diffuser is made of imported EPDM rubber. The air duct is made of engineering plastic ABS. The diameter of the bubble diffused by the rubber diaphragm is small, the area of the gas-liquid interface is large, and a large number of self-closing are opened The eyelet can be opened and closed automatically with oxygenation and stop operation. Therefore, there are no defects such as clogging and contamination.
Performance aeration pipe diameter: from φ65mm x 1000mm
The average aperture of the aerator diaphragm is: 80-100 microns Air flow: 3-4m3 / m
Air resistance loss: 2800Pa
Power efficiency: ≥4kg02- / Kw.h
Bubble diameter: 1 mm-4mm
Service Area: 0.8-1 .2
Oxygen utilization rate (3.2 m water depth): 18.4% -27.7%
Air supply: 0.26kgO2 / h
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