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Faceted Hollow Ball
A multi-faceted hollow ball has a reinforcing ring along the entire circumference in the middle of the ball, and twelve ball petals on the top and bottom of the ring. The upper and lower ball valves are staggered with each other and arranged radially along the central axis. With the help of the units that produce engineering plastics, our factory summarizes experience and confirms that this product has the following advantages: due to the large surface area; high mass transfer efficiency, large product empty surface, and light weight, high strength and easy installation. Widely used in environmental protection equipment such as chlorine, oxygen and carbon dioxide.
Specification: φ25 85,000 pcs / m3
Φ38 25 thousand pieces / m3
Φ50 115,000 pcs / m3
Φ76 3000pcs / m3
Φ100 1000pcs / m2
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