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K1, K3 granular filler
Overview Aiming at the various biofilm carriers (fillers) widely used in the society at present, some may cause biofilm clogging, and some may form mudballs. The use cycle is short, and the treatment effect gradually decreases. Relevant domestic experts have been committed to developing and researching an ideal filler. Through a lot of practice and the assistance and guidance of relevant scientific and technical personnel, after years of continuous efforts to update, we have finally developed the particle suspension filler, which has been put on the market and processed to achieve good results, and has won praise from some users.
The carrier has a rough surface, abundant neutrino L, non-toxic chemical stability, and large specific surface area. And it has abrasion resistance, aging resistance, biodegradation resistance and long service life. Generally can reach more than 20 years. It does not need to be replaced, so the filler has the technical index as a filler used in the water treatment contact oxidation process. The filler can effectively improve the living space of microorganisms in water. It has a moderate specific gravity and is more suitable for fluidization. The fluidization state is excellent under the constant agitation of water and gas mud. , Which effectively improves the utilization rate of oxygen and has a large microbial biomass density. It has strong impact resistance, good sludge sedimentation performance, no sludge expansion, good nitrification effect, and stable operation. It is currently an ideal high-efficiency suspension micro-biofilm carrier.
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