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Tower biological filter three-dimensional corrugated plastic packing
Overview Biofilm treatment of organic wastewater has become an important method at present. Tower biological filter is a new type of processing structure introduced from abroad in the 1970s. It is based on the ordinary biological filter, and absorbs the principle of the washing tower of the chemical system to develop to a high altitude to make a vertical tower. Three-dimensional corrugated packing is installed in the tower, and the waste water is sprayed to the surroundings through the rotating water distributor or perforated pipe, and flows from top to bottom along the gap of the filler. Due to the tower's height and good air flow, it is beneficial to sewage, air and biofilm. With sufficient contact of the phases, under the conditions of a sufficient amount of atmosphere and nutrient supply, the metabolism accelerates and the active oxidation ability of the biofilm is strong, so that the organic matter is oxidized and decomposed to produce inorganic matter and carbon dioxide, and the sewage is purified.
This tower filter has a small footprint, a large hydraulic load, a wide load of organics, and good impact resistance. It has no sludge swelling and sludge floating problems that make it difficult to control the operation, and has low energy consumption. , Easy equipment maintenance and stable operation. Currently widely used in textile printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, food, brewing, petrochemical, coking, meat and leather processing and other industrial wastewater and urban sewage treatment, with good results.
According to the data of Beijing Institute of Environmental Protection Science, our factory has developed three specifications of large-scale corrugated plastic fillers based on the British "Flocor" and the shortcomings of honeycomb fillers. The material is rigid polyvinyl chloride. China has been studying tower biological filters since the 1970s, and now dozens of them have been successfully put into production. Shanghai Chemical Fiber Plant No.2, Qilu Petrochemical Corporation, Beijing Vinilen Plant and Shanghai Petrochemical Plant Acrylic Fiber Plant, Shanghai Jiangnan Brewery, Annex Vinyl Fiber Plant, Beijing Wool Textile Plant, etc. have all achieved gratifying results.
In October 1997, Hubei Jingmen Petrochemical Corporation co-developed a new type of polypropylene brushed straight tube biological tower filler which effectively improved the biofilm culture formation on the filler surface in a short period of time. According to the user's operating response, the effect was good compared with the same FRP filler. The former is better than the latter. It has been unanimously approved by Jingmen Petrochemical Corporation and is an ideal product for the protest application of petrochemical systems in the future.
1. Large pore size, its pore size is more than two times larger than other fillers currently used in China, to avoid the possibility of biofilm blocking the pore size, and it is beneficial to ventilation and maintain the high activity of biofilm. It is especially suitable for sewage with higher BOD5 value.
2. The process is long, because it has three-dimensional ripples, and there are double waves in the direction of flowing water. Therefore, when the tower height is equal, the process length is increased by about 20 C compared with other fillers. Improve processing efficiency.
3. Easy installation and transportation. After molding, this product can be stored in a single piece, transported, and bonded on site to form a large packing block.
4. Lightweight and high strength, 1 meter 3 filler weighs only 50-60 kg, and can be loaded by installation and maintenance workers in three directions after bonding into a filler block, and is corrosion resistant.
Use and storage
1. Do not expose to long-term exposure under storage.
2. The installation height of each layer of filler is 800 mm, and the two layers of filler should be arranged at 90 degrees staggered.
3. During transportation and storage, avoid excessive weight pressing on the packing.
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