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Bower ring

The Bauer ring packing opens two small rectangular windows on the wall of the ordinary Lacy ring, and the small window leaves overlap at the center of the ring, so the resistance is reduced, the gas velocity can be increased, the liquid phase is evenly distributed, and the same pressure drop can be compared with the processing capacity. Raschig ring increased by more than 50%.
Uses and applicable conditions Suitable for carbon dioxide degassing tower, ozone contact reaction tower and other reaction towers as contact packing.
Technical parameters (see sample)
The performance of the high-efficiency fiber ball is flexible, compressible, large porosity, and strong ability to intercept dirt; the pores of the filter layer are sparse and dense at work, which conforms to the gap distribution of the ideal filter layer; the specific gravity is slightly larger than water, and it is easy to repeatedly wash. Strong abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.

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