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Diaphragm micro-hole aerator
The diaphragm type microporous aerator is the latest type of aeration device developed in the 1980s. The device has a small aeration bubble diameter, large gas-liquid interface area, uniform bubble diffusion, no clogging of perforations, and strong corrosion resistance. Tongji University's School of Environmental Engineering and China Municipal Engineering North China Design Institute have conducted oxygen and water test for clean water and sewage, and have been used by more than 50 users for many years with good results (fixed spiral aerator, diffuser aerator, and perforated pipe aeration than conventional products). Reduce the energy consumption of the boiler by 40%, or increase the sewage treatment capacity by 40%). It is especially suitable for urban sewage and new plant expansion and reconstruction of old aeration tanks, and the aeration tanks can be operated intermittently.
The connection method of the aeration pipeline and the installation of the aeration device are composed of an aerator, an air distribution pipeline, a tee, a tee, an elbow, a regulator, a connector, a cleaning device, and the like. The gas distribution pipe is arranged in a general ring shape. The aerator is arranged according to the air supply volume and the density of the pool. The connection between the aerator and the gas distribution pipe is G3 / 4 thread connection. The base is internal thread (fixed on the gas distribution pipe) for aeration. The regulator is externally threaded. When installing, the regulator is first fixed to the bottom of the pool with expansion bolts according to the required size, and then the gas distribution pipe is fixed to the regulator with a hoop. In order to prevent other operations such as welding sparks and civil construction, concrete, etc. The aeration device is damaged by heavy objects. The aerator must be installed after the civil engineering is completed before the water is discharged. To prevent air leakage from the pipeline and the connecting part, the water should be leaked to a depth of about 10cm above the aerator, and then vented if found to have Leakage in the connecting part of the pipeline shall be eliminated in time, and then officially put into operation.
Main technical parameters Aerator size: 215mm, 260mm
The average running pores of the aerated diaphragm: 80-100 microns Total oxygen transfer coefficient: kia (20 C) 0.204-0.337min-1
Oxygenation capacity: 0.112-0.185kgo2 / m3h
Aeration resistance: 180-280mmH2O
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